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Long Term Cost Benefits
Clay pavers provide an easy repair and recycle solution. If they ever become damaged or stained, it is simply a matter of lifting off the damaged paver and replacing it with a new one. Just like replacing a small piece of a jigsaw puzzle. Therefore, the overall maintenance and replacement cost is very minimal.
Non-Slip Surface
Pavers are slip resistant and skid resistant due to their natural textured surface and highly abrasive characteristics. They provide an excellent solution for heavily trafficked wet areas, such as swimming pool pathways and outdoor areas. Municipal bodies use them for highways and pedestrian footpaths.

Endless Design Possibilities
Pavers can be made into almost any structure, making them extremely versatile. Fire pits, counter-tops, patios, tables and driveways are just some of the many possibilities.
Environmental Responsibility
They are made from a natural clay material from the earth's soil, making them environmentally friendly. Pavers will not 
lose any of their color or finish over the long term making them a solid investment that appreciates the value of your property.

Fast Installation
Clay paving materials can be laid in any type of moderate weather condition which helps to keep the cost of installation, time management and budgeting issues in check. The installation process is relatively simple, quick and easy, enabling them to be trafficked upon immediately after the installation process is complete.  
North Eastern Ohio (330) 825-7577
Mid-Ohio (419) 405-1038
Central Ohio (614) 832-5172
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